The Canberra Hospital -Neurosurgical Suite Neurosurgical Theatre Building 12

ClientACT Health

LocationThe Canberra Hospital

Construction of a Neurosurgical Operating Theatre incorporating an intra-operative MRI diagnostic capability at The Canberra Hospital – being the first such facility in Australia – is a particularly prestigious project that has significantly improved the capacity of The Canberra Hospital to facilitate demanding neurosurgical procedures, and has captured the interest and attention of the neurosurgical profession around Australia.  It has also raised significantly the status of that profession world-wide.

The project involved the creation of a new MRI-equipped Neurosurgical Suite in Building 12 at The Canberra Hospital.  As no suitable space was available within the building that could be reconfigured to accommodate the Suite, and as there was no capacity for extending in a horizontal direction due to impingement on all four sides by other buildings, it was decided that the only option was to construct upwards by adding a new floor to the building that would accommodate the new Suite.

Extending upwards required a large section of the existing roof to Building 12 to be removed, two new slabs to be poured, and a purpose-designed Surgical Suite/MRI “capsule” to be created.

An equally important, but far less obvious consideration that drove the design and construction was the need, ultimately, for the facility to have written for it a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).  So, as well as the design and construction being driven by buildability considerations and the need to resolve the technical issues involved in this being a prototype facility, the project was also driven by operational needs of users that were not fully understood or developed at the brief stage, and that took on increasing significance as the project progressed, to the point that they became the dominant consideration by the time of handover.


2011 MBA – Commercial Project Exhibiting Technical Difficulty or Innovation

2011 MBA – Commercial & Retail Fitout, Refurbishment or Alteration More than $5m

2011 MBA – Project Manager of the Year 2011

2011 AIB – Professional Excellence Award for Commercial Construction $10m to $50m

2011 AIB  – Professional Excellence Award for Commercial Construction $10m to $50m (National Award)