The Canberra Hospital - Emergency Department Extension Emergency Department & ICU

ClientACT Health

LocationGarran ACT

Construction of a 3 storey extension to the Canberra Hospital Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit. This extension increased the capacity of much needed available bed spaces in both departments. Constructed were 5 additional bed spaces to the Intensive Care Unit extension, 2 new beds within the existing ICU and alternations to the balcony on level 3 and 8 additional bed spaces to the Emergency Department while also providing extra floor space for emergency treatment on level 2. Additional storage and plant facilities where provided on level 1.

The uniqueness of this project was that the extension was constructed around a 24/7 clinical environment being the existing Emergency Department and Intensive Care unit. The project involved a large number of technical and construction difficulties that had to be overcome in order to break into the existing structure. This included major support infrastructure including electrical, mechanical, medical gases and fire.T

Infection Control was paramount when constructing the new 2 beds in ICU North and also the break through into the existing Emergency Department and Intensive Care Units, the loss of any bed spaces in the ED would have a direct impact on their operations.

The ED and ICU Departments weren’t the only departments that we were required to work alongside. Within the ED is the Mental Assessment unit operating as a secure facility, with the new extension constructed partly within this facility, security was also paramount and required to be maintained to ensure the safety and security of patients.


Australian Institute of Building 2014 Professional Excellence Award for Commercial Construction $1m to $10m