Project Showcase Shaw Building Group is a multi-award winning member of the Housing Industry Association and Master Builders Association of the ACT with awards both locally and nationally.

Siding Spring Observatory Asbestos Remediation

The Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO) on top of Siding Spring Mountain in the Warrumbungle Range near Coonabarabran is an internationally respected facility undertaking state of the art astronomical research. View gallery

Commonwealth Solar Observatory Fire Reconstruction

Awards 2008 MBA - Award for Building Excellence - Best Commercial Building $3m to $6m 2008 MBA - Award for Building Excellence - Best Commercial Conservation Heritage Project 2008 MBA - Best Commercial / Industrial Construction under $5m (National Award) The Commonwealth Solar Observatory at Mt Stromlo has been a familiar landmark in Canberra since before the First World War, with the oldest structures dating back to 1911. View gallery