Project Showcase - Commercial Shaw Building Group is a multi-award winning member of the Housing Industry Association and Master Builders Association of the ACT with awards both locally and nationally.

ANU - High Performance Computing Facility upgrade

High-performance computing (HPC) refers to the application of purpose-designed computers (Super Computers) comprising large numbers of linked central processor units (CPUs) and related componentry to achieve vastly improved performance. View gallery

University of Canberra Sports Common

The $16million building is now home to ninety Brumbies’ staff and players and four other tenants. Its open plan, shared spaces have been designed to help harbour a sense of community between the tenancies. View gallery

ANU - Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre (AITC)

Shaw Building Group was selected as the Construction Manager for the construction of Stage 2 of the Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre (AITC), on the Mt Stromlo campus of the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (RSAA). View gallery

ANU - Innovations Building refurbishment

The three storey Innovations Building was 12 years old at the time Shaw Building Group was engaged by the ANU to carry out an extensive refurbishment of the internal spaces and associated services. View gallery

The Canberra Hospital - Neurosurgical Suite

Construction of a Neurosurgical Operating Theatre incorporating an intra-operative MRI diagnostic capability at The Canberra Hospital - being the first such facility in Australia - is a particularly prestigious project that has significantly improved the capacity of The Canberra Hospital to facilitate demanding neurosurgical procedures. View gallery