Project Showcase Shaw Building Group is a multi-award winning member of the Housing Industry Association and Master Builders Association of the ACT with awards both locally and nationally.

ANU - High Performance Computing Facility upgrade

High-performance computing (HPC) refers to the application of purpose-designed computers (Super Computers) comprising large numbers of linked central processor units (CPUs) and related componentry to achieve vastly improved performance. View gallery

ANU - College of Law refurbishment

The ANU College of Law was established in 1960. The three buildings occupied by the College have remained largely untouched over the years, other than being updated via a number of minor refurbishments. View gallery

The Canberra Hospital - Hydraulic Infrastructure Renewal

Shaw Building Group was engaged to undertake a two stage hydraulic infrastructure upgrade project at The Canberra Hospital as part of the Upgrading and Maintaining ACT Health Assets (UMAHA) Program. View gallery

Fred Ward Gardens Aged Care Facility

Fred Ward Gardens is a residential aged care facility located in Curtin, ACT. This project was the refurbishment of 115 existing resident rooms and common areas, and construction of an extension comprising 6 new resident rooms, lounge and dining rooms, ensuites and clean/dirty utility areas. View gallery