A new name and a new look to celebrate 25 years


GE Shaw and Associates is one of Canberra’s most established and reputable building companies and as the team looked back over the achievements of the past 25 years it seemed fitting that the milestone would be used to launch a new name and fresh branding.

Shaw Building Group is the name that has replaced the outgoing GE Shaw & Associates. In terms of the branding, we wanted to maintain links with our strong foundations and continue with the Shaw name as well as place ourselves for the future, says Valdis.

‘We’re the same great team with the same values, approach and skills’, says Managing Director Valdis Luks, ‘As we celebrate the achievements of the past 25 years the timing was right to evolve our brand to set the platform for the future.’

‘Our residential focus has increased in recent years so it was also time to introduce a brand specifically for that part of the business, this part of our business is now called Shaw Living.’

It’s a testament to the team at Shaw that they’ve maintained a strong position in the industry over time and are well regarded in the Canberra building scene.  Shaw has worked on major projects covering the full spectrum of construction and construction-related services from minor refurbishments to major developments and more recently added residential construction.  While the focus has been in the Canberra market projects have been completed in Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne and Perth as well as in regional areas.

‘Some of the highlights over the years include work on the Mount Stromlo CSO administration building; several bushfire recovery projects; the ANU High Performance Computing Centre and work in the health sector including the TCH Neurological suite’, says Valdis.

The future is bright with the Googong project a major focus over the next few years, and commercial projects including the Brumbies Headquarters at the University of Canberra on our agenda.

The Shaw team celebrated 25 years with an informal gathering at the Phillip office and founder Graeme Shaw returned for the celebrations and wished the team well for the next phase of the business. Graeme left the business in 2003 to pursue a career in the wine industry and he established Shaw Vineyard Estate near Murrumbateman. The wines of choice for the celebrations were of course from Graeme’s vineyard.

The new logo and branding was unveiled as part of celebrations and many industry leaders and others joined in recognising this important milestone for the Shaw Building Group.